The Background of the Sitename, Depart 275!

The name of the site, "Depart.275," originates from the location where the story of this brand begins. "Depart" conveys the meaning of starting a new journey. The number " 275" also holds personal significance as it represents the street number where I have grown up and live. Surrounded by both underground clothing stores and one of the most famous and luxurious department stores in South Korea, I have always been exposed to a variety of fashion trends and styles. Depart.275 will keep setting up on my own personal path and the influences that have shaped my creative vision.

Our Innovation for Sustainability 

We promise "No more fast fashion". Fast fashion has been associated with negative environmental and social impacts, including waste generation, pollution, and poor working conditions for workers. Now is the right time to shift away from fast fashion.

Pre-order-made System
We produce all items through the pre-order-made system. We believe that this system can be a valuable tool for the fashion industry in promoting sustainability and reducing waste. This attempt can help reduce overproduction and unsold leftovers, which can end up as trash. Additionally, this approach will help us better understand customer demand and reduce the environmental impact, as items are produced on an as-needed basis and conscious decisions.

The People and Cooperation Companies
We work with masters who have made Dongdaemun, Seoul, the origin of K-fashion. We produce our products not with a large-scale factory system, but with a joint operation of small companies with decades of experience. Korean masters of patterns, sewing, and embroidery are our partners.

Gender Equal Wage Policy

Most of the Korean textile and clothing workers were low-educated, low-income women. With the low wages of female workers as collateral, the K- fashion industry was able to quickly gain attention from the world. Now is the time to explore opportunities to grow together as partners. We believe that skilled masters deserve to be paid according to their abilities, and we promise to pay fair fees and wages regardless of gender.

Donations For Charity Organizations

In order to prevent overproduction and overstocking, we adopted a pre-order production system.  After making clothes, the extra fabrics would be used to make eco-bags, children's play clothes, and aprons to be donated to charity organizations. Our efforts to protect the environment and practice sharing will continue.

We also strive to share our profits for charity causes. 
The organizations we work with
  2. THE SALT(REWANDA Girl's education)
  4. Shelter for Immigrant Workers on Jeju Island
​In the year 2023 only, we have already donated over 5000 US dollars worth of scholarships and products such as eco bags, sweatshirts, and upcycled fashion items to the above-mentioned organizations. ​

This may be a small start, but we will stay committed to helping the needy, especially young girls suffering from poverty and lack of opportunities by supporting charity organizations through our business profits.
Company Info

Company: DEPART.275
Address: 124-610 Raemian Firstage Banpodaero 275
Tel: 822-594-2313